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Often a client wishes to have to have a painting of mine that is specifically for a location in their house or office or they wish to have a specific subject painted in my style.

The first meeting involves finding out exactly what the client requires.  For example size, colour, subject matter etc.  All canvases are custom made.  Where possible I like to visit the location where the painting is to hang.  This in itself can also give an idea of the personality of the client.  Where this is not possible photos can suffice.

The next step is that I supply an obligation free quotation, upon which is stated that the client is not obliged to purchase the painting if if it is not what they envisaged after it is completed.  As two people's images of the painting that is to be done will always differ, payment after the painting is completed allows for me to be able to do the work without the hindrance of painting to a cost and any preconceived image.  This allows my work to retain its integrity.

Then I start work on the painting.  When the painting is just about complete I will send an image to the client for perusal allowing for amendments to be made if needed.   I will amend the painting as much as I feel the painting  needs it.  This saves the painting from possibly becoming ruined if there is too much work done to it.  I will ultimately state if a painting is finished. 

I prefer to deliver paintings myself but where this is not possible I use Pack and Send to deliver paintings. 

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