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I reopened my gallery on March 20, 2021. This time in the main street of Canowindra, again with a cafe and with a shop. It's a small, intimate place filled with not only my paintings, but things that influence my particular creative practice.  It's an emersive experience into how I view the world and my paintings.  I've always been independent from an artistic point of view especially, and I wanted my gallery to reflect this.  I have a wall dedicated to memorabilia, images of things that have influenced my work, a display of kitsch and vintage items that create my world. Trust me, this place is no white cube. 

My studios have always been attached to the kitchen so I've always painted and cooked together. Like the art that inspires my work my cooking is usually culturally based. I make the cakes for the cafe and I have a special fondness for Middle Eastern Cake baking and often make what I consider the queen of desserts - baklava. I also love using rosewater, orange flower water, cardamom and cinnamon when I make the cakes. There are also homemade pies available with fillings such as Beef Bourguignon, Chicken Korma, Moroccan Lamb and Ratatouille. A small array of toasted sandwiches are available too. 

I have included in my shop Greek, Middle Eastern and Persian confectionery, various teas, spice mixes and locally produced olive oil.  I am always adding to the shop as the items are all loosely connected to the art - tea cannisters with kimono designs on them, Turkish delight, sugared almonds, the fragrances of the candles for sale and patchouli and cinnamon oil. 

We are open every weekend and public holidays 9am to 4pm and by appointment. 

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