A Roses painting is like the practice of yoga nidra; each part of the body becomes passive, calm.... soothed  one part at a time as the eye contemplates each surface of the painting, reeling in its softness, grasping the contours of texture, ascending and descending these textures and  senses the release of the empty expanses.  It is a naturally meditative response.


If one stops and contemplates real foliage - petals, leaves, stems, and becomes part of it by almost spiritual contemplation, one will soon feel the same sensation of yoga nidra.  There is an inner place of being in nature that is only ever begun to be  understood when one’s ego is set aside and nature is given dominance.  It is a plane of consciousness that hums softly  like an energy flow around the body that can eventually be absorbed by the body if it allows itself to do so.  This tranquillity is delicate and it seems that if one breathes too heavily or moves quickly whilst contemplating nature or these paintings,  one could lose the meditative state.  


A Roses painting vibrates softly, just below the surface and from time to time lush, white, velvet petals push through this surface to hover quietly and serenely.  The roses hover in space, moving through it, gliding nonchalantly yet knowingly. Their destination is irrelevant.


The high relief of the petals and the vast open spaces within the same painting, are often painted in the same colour. Colour is not needed to portray texture; in fact it could hinder it.  The play of light and shadow provides the contrast of surfaces which fuse to elicit a simple tranquility that only comes from the innate within us and the natural world.  A highly textured surface is made more highly textured when it is juxtaposed with a smooth surface and a  smooth surface is made smoother with textured surface.  Their differences are enhanced by their combination within the one painting because it takes a three dimensional surface to truly expose the qualities of a smooth surface, just as it takes an appreciation of darkness to  understand what is light.

Following are some examples from the series.

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