Acrylic on Canvas | 91.5cm x 91.5cm  | Glisten Series 


Glisten VII, from the Glisten Series, is a development of the forms quintessentially from the Poppies series.  It is an abstraction of a familiar theme.  The lollipop formation so prevalent in Poppies, Roses and Magic Hill has been dissected and reduced to its most basic form, sometimes with the flower removed from the stem, and reduced to pattern work.  The poppies themselves are not always recognisable as poppies.


Using abstraction to develop this series the colour palette is often more confined, often using at times just two or three colours to do the work.  Cooler tones take the stand, and are often joined by silver and metallic tones of champagne.  Additionally the composition is freer;  rows of poppies across the canvas that hover like a music score are now aside, and circular patterns frequently cradle the poppies.



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