A gold Poppies painting unfolds before the eye like a Japanese screen.  Poppy paintings are beautiful, pleasing to the eye, like an ikebana flower arrangement.  Its elements are  thoughtfully balanced through the play of detail versus empty space.  These paintings shimmer and glisten, and each poppy purposefully floats within its own realm with smoky hues of gold, white and burnt sienna suspending them timelessly.  


Sometimes one is drawn into an intimate scene like a camera lens zooming in on some intricate botanical specimen to the point where it would be possible to feel the fibres on the buds. These poppies are enormous - their petals open out to the viewer in an embracing manoeuvre that beckons them in.   


Other Poppies paintings are fresh, bright and clear, reminiscent of the windswept fields in France.  The white of the clover offsets the red and orange tones of the poppies and the clear crisp green of the fields.  There is a physical depth to these paintings; they are not like the two-dimensionality of the  gold Oriental style Poppies.  The soft, succulent grass that suspends the poppies invites the viewer to enter the scene and lie down in the grass with its fine blades stroking the skin.

Below is a selection of paintings from the series.

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